Terms and conditions.

  • At the time of booking a tour, a deposit of 50% must be paid. Deposits are refundable if cancellation is made within six months of the tour commencement date. Bookings within three months of a tour requires payment in full.
  • Cancellation with less than six months notice will not entitle the customer to a refund but, at its discretion, Passing Places Tours┬ámay permit the deposit to be transferred to another of its tours with a commencement date within 12 months of the original tour commencement date.
  • The balance of the tour price must be paid no later than three months before the tour commencement date unless otherwise stated. If the balance of the tour price is not paid by the required date, Passing Places Tours may cancel the tour and retain the deposit.
  • Passing Places Tours take no responsibility for the condition or roadworthiness of the client’s motorcycle or equipment.
  • In the event of a breakdown the client is responsible for their own recovery and repairs.
  • Passing Places Tours take no responsibility for the actions of others.